The Legend of time

Music by: Lorca, Santiago de Murcia, Manuel de Falla, Miguel de Fuenllana, Juan Vázquez, Martin i Soler, D. Scarlatti, J. Pla, Bocherini, E, Toldrà…

New production September 2020

“Dreams pass through time,” wrote the great poet García Lorca in his work “The Legend of Time” in 1931. As he drew inspiration from the Andalusian country around him from the dusty hot towns in the south of Spain, a colorful picture emerged: a timeless landscape of Spanish culture, tremendously vital, full of passion. A passion that crossed centuries of history, unchanged in its native flavour.

These timeless dreams are captured in our concert “The Legend of Time,” where centuries-old melodies are shown throughout the ages, just as at home in 4 part harmony as in flamenco style. Where the underlying Spanish rhythm and flavor can be felt just as with the Fandangos of Scarlatti as with the popular songs of de Falla, and several popular Spanish dances such as Folias and Fandango by Murcia, Marizapalos, Jacaras by Santa Cruz, among other crispy melodies and rhythms from the rich Spanish musical tradition.