FOUR SEASONS, Inspired by the timeless paintings of Brueghel and music of Playford.

“Ten artists take complete possession of the stage with their musical talent and acrobatics. SEASONS is a clear example of what 21st century circus represents.”

(Entretenia | j.c. araujo)

“Riding waves of creativity, the audience travels between astonishment and vertigo."


A custodian cleans up after last night’s performance. Will he continue in his banal duties or decide to join the magical world surrounding him? Will he try to stop the fantasy, or enjoy every season of life to its absolute fullest before it is too late?
It was a great show last night! So great that the characters refuse to leave the stage, refuse to leave the theatre, and refuse to remain only a faint memory in the minds of the audience.

They linger, knowing that the only way they continue to exist is if the show never ends. Only the janitor wants to finish his work and go home. He wants no part of the action on stage.

Yet even he finally is convinced that the magical world he sees around him can be his as well. The show never has to end, if only he chooses to join it.

“A magical combination of music and circus! This show for all ages is an impeccable work where circus arts are granted a real bonus – baroque music.”

(PROCESO | Niza Rivera)