A. de Literes
AIR, EARTH, WATER, FIRE, and TIME personified meet in a Spanish bar in LOS ELEMENTOS, a 90-minute fast-paced c. 1718 opera by Antonio de Literes.

Some Performance Highlights

  • Festival Trigonale  (St. Veit, Austria)
  • Varna Music Festival (Varna, Bulgaria)
  • Baroque Evenings (Varazdin, Croatia)
  • Banchetto Musicale (Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • Opera Nova Festival (Bydgoszcz, Poland)
  • Cape (Ettelbruck,  Luxembourg)
  • Festival Brezice (Brezice, Slovenia)
  • Festival Trani (Trani, Italy)
  • Baroque Festival (Moscow, Russia)
  • Musikfestspiele (Potsdam, Germany)
  • Styriarte (Graz, Austria)

"A performance that offers its audience everything and more!

(Kronen Zeitung, Graz)
Set in a typical 1950s bar somewhere in the middle of Castilla, our eight musicians, five singers, two dancers, and actor breathe new life to Antonio Literes´ colourful baroque opera, LOS ELEMENTOS. We unite Literes´ original expressive score with stunning, virtuosic Spanish dance, giving the audience an authentic and passionate glimpse of Iberia with all its colour and fire. Los Elementos is an audio and visual Spanish experience perfect for all ages and audiences!
Los Elementos is at once familiar and exotic, an event that is able to reach all audiences, giving an intelligent nod to lovers of “classical music” yet also including those who thought it could never be so much fun.  For a Spanish bar is the stage where all parts of society are invited and meet, and it is that geniality and genuine warmth of Spain that we wish to share.

"Dance, music, comedy, and a large portion of charm combine to create euphoria in the audience!"

(Kronen Zeitung, Graz)