LA LOCURA – exposing insanity throughout time. From Rameau to Tango – challending the border of madness. A provokingly staged concert featuring coloratura soprano Marie Friederike Schöder, named a “shooting star of the baroque scene” by Presto Classical.

“Virtuosic changes between Yiddish song, French chanson, and high baroque arias – a crazy madhouse comedy!”

(Kölner Stadt- Anzeiger​)
From a love-struck teenager to a slight touch of schizophrenia, to full-out madhouses, craziness is all around us. It has been documented for centuries, and even captured masterfully in music. La Locura is the story of how we are trapped by our own insanity and yet how we could also be totally free from any care in the world because of it. A soprano begins the story by revealing her innermost tender thoughts with a lullaby and gradually her insanity is revealed, ever more exposed, culminating in a passionate show of virtuosic craziness.
The program is insanely varied: shocking baroque works are interspersed with anything from Kurt Weill to Tango to Irish folk song.
Madness in its many musical forms is of course the red thread that ties it all together, whether it be Le Chaos by Rebel, Ballada para un loco by Piazzolla, or even an anonymous tarantella, which was the insane dance to rid the body of the tarantula´s deadly bite.
Baroque instruments give a unique sound color that creates an ambience of the unusual and the unexpected. In the end, baroque turns out to be intensely contemporary.